Design Name Clothing Store

Production Overview 【 Product No 】 : CL-20 Design Name Clothing Store 【 Size 】: 15m*20mm 【 Lead Time 】: 15-25 Working Days 【 Service 】: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation 【 Warranty 】: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance 【 Free Item 】: 3D rendering Shop interior design 【 Port 】:...


Production Overview
Product No: CL-20 Design Name Clothing Store
Size】: 15m*20mm
Lead Time】: 15-25 Working Days
Service】: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation
Warranty】: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance  
Free Item】: 3D rendering Shop interior design
Port】: Guangzhou China
Materials】: Mdf, Led Light Stainless steel and so on
Packaging】: International export package.

Production description:
This man name clothing store Use grey, elegant black and creative display sets, reserve the classic chord between east and west culture collision, create a romantic space atmosphere, green vines and potted plant decoration, reducing light ripe male original personality handsome. The store use log design, let this store shake off contemporary feeling, present natural, pure qualitative feeling. The design of the winery in the window shows the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and the white spotlights show the model's clothing incisively and vividly. Indoor adopt birdcage lamps, green bonsai, metal stainless steel display racks, clothes display cabinets .hang the wooden frame, originality, warm romance, let every beautiful woman can enjoy this elegant environment. The chandelier on the cash register is designed to highlight the texture of East&West, the wood-patterned floor design, with a little bit of texture in the retro look. The cloth curtain in fitting room adopts white, low-key and do not lose connotation.

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