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Pharmacy Shop Display

The Pharmacy Shop Display we produce is environmentally friendly, healthy and non-toxic, making it ideal for use as a drug display case to store medicines or to display the goods you need to sell in a store. Its doors are made of high quality safety tempered glass. It is rust-proof, strong, noise-free, and has smooth hardware, so it not only has a long service life, but also is very convenient to use. It can also be equipped with high-power energy-saving LED lights in various colors.
The coatings used in the production of the surface are mainly polyester or waterborne coatings. The hardware used in it has hinges, handles, locks, sliding tracks and more. The glue used in the production is glass glue, UV glue, all-purpose glue, white latex and so on. We specialize in pharmacy design and have completed the design of display furniture for pharmacies of various shapes and sizes. MOOKOO is one of the leading pharmacy shop display manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory is specialized in supplying pharmacy shop display wholesale and customized services. Welcome to contact us.
We're one of the most professional pharmacy shop display manufacturers and suppliers in China, engaged in various wholesale and customized services. Feel free to get high quality pharmacy shop display from our factory here.