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Wooden Mobile Phone Counter Daily Maintenance

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Mobile counter is used to put mobile phone counters, as the local well-known mobile phone counter manufacturers, to provide wood, iron and other material counters, for different materials counters, day-to-day maintenance is particularly important in its day-to-day use, the specific items are as follows:

1. If the counter has scratches or scratches, you can use the same color paint for repair;

2. To scrape with hard material, rub wood counter, do not beat it, lest affect beautiful;

3. Wooden Showcase not long time in the high temperature, moist or prolonged exposure to the sun, these environments will have adverse effects on wooden exhibition cabinets, preferably to maintain environmental ventilation;

4. Clean the time as far as possible with a relatively soft cloth wipe counter, it is necessary to use a small amount of water or detergent, can also choose professional furniture care liquid, for wooden counter hardware accessories, do not use acid, alkali and other chemical reagents.

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