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The Main Composition Of The Display Cabinet

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1. Wooden Showcase: Mainly by the high density board data manufacturing; Compact appearance, strong structure, easy disassembly, can show glasses, jewelry, jewelry, cosmetics, mobile phones, clothing, shoes, bags and a variety of computer products, can let your products get due effect, improve product value, there is no fixed norms, Can be based on product needs and location to do the specification of a showcase or special-shaped showcase.

2. Main material: High-density board, high-grade car paint.

3. Standard: Display cabinet design can select our existing models, may be based on drawings, styles or photos customized processing, can also be based on your industry nature, use needs, practice site size and setting environment and contact your company brand image, as well as your own preferences, for you to conceive the planning of manufacturing, You can also be the whole process of our manufacturing, to ensure that the showcase elegant, brand information conveyed accurate, outstanding role.

4. Technology: Display Cabinet Design 3 at the end of 3 high-end car paint technology.

5. Accessories: Float glass, acrylic, lamps, stainless steel, light film, logo crystal Word, leather pad, hardware combination installation.

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