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How To Remove Odor From Cigarette And Wine Showcase?

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1. Orange peel odor. Take fresh oranges 500 grams, after eating oranges, the orange peel washed wipe dry, dispersed into the showcase (smoke and wine display cabinets), 3 days later, play the development of tobacco and wine showcase, fragrance, smell all without.

2. Lemon Odor. Cut the lemon into small pieces, placed in the showcase, can remove the odor.

3. Tea in addition to taste. Put 50 grams of scented tea in gauze bag, put into the smoke and wine showcase, can remove peculiar smell. After 1 months, the tea will be taken out in the sun exposure, can be reused repeatedly, the effect is very good.

4. Medical stone except taste. Take 500 grams of medical stone, sift powder particles into the gauze bag, placed in the smoke and wine showcase, 10 minutes after the smell can be removed.

5. Vinegar in addition to taste. Put some vinegar into the open glass, placed in the showcase, deodorization effect is also very good.

6. Baking soda In addition to taste. Take 500 grams of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in two wide-mouth glass bottles (open caps), placed in the smoke and wine showcase, odor can be removed.

7. Rice wine in addition to taste. With rice wine 1 bowls, placed in the bottom of the showcase (to prevent outflow), the general 3 days can be removed from the net odor.

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