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Design Essentials Of Garment Display Cabinet

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1. Clothing display cabinet plan should be simplified

Showcase demand is at the first glance to seize the attention of consumers, planning principles to be concise, generous, beautiful.

2. Clothing display cabinet level is clearly organized

The general showcase is composed of many parts: layout, color, lighting, exhibits and other components, a good showcase is to combine all these elements together in a natural, structured, sensory more easily let consumers feel.

3. The clothing display cabinet unfolds the topic to be clear

Showcase the effect is to foil the products are displayed, so the theme of the showcase planning is necessary and display products temperament, characteristics, image in line.

4. Clothing display cabinet planning needs stable

Showcase planning considerations to be comprehensive, the planning program once adopted do not easily change, especially in the late changes, the changes may delay the construction, increase costs, and even greater impact.

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