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Cosmetics Display Cabinet Cleaning

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1. Be sure to clean the cosmetics display cabinet with a clean rag. If you use a dirty rag to clean a cosmetic display cabinet, easy to make dirt repeatedly in the commercial furniture surface friction, but will damage cosmetics display cabinet brightness surface, so in the cosmetics display cabinets to clean, we must pay attention to clean cloth to clean, also can not repeatedly use the dirty rag of that side.

2. Do not use soapy water, detergent or water to clean cosmetics display cabinets. Soap water, detergent and other cleaning products not only can not effectively remove the accumulation of dust on the surface of cosmetics display cabinets, but they also have a certain corrosive, easy to corrode, damage the display cabinet surface, so that the paint surface of the display cabinet has become bleak.

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