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Jewelry Dresser

Jewelry Dresser

The jewelry dresser width is 2 meter ,depth is 0.8 meter, is one of jewelry dresser for Cartier.

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jewelry  dresser

The jewelry dresser width is 2 meter ,depth is 0.8 meter, is one of jewelry dresser for Cartier.

At the same time, the shopping mall will request to provide store effect maps for auditing. The jewelry display dresser effect maps can truly reflect the actual effect of the store and feel the atmosphere ahead of time. Jewelry dresser design has become an indispensable link; before the agreement between the two sides is reached, the factory will not provide free design drawings, 

        after all, counter design is labor-intensive, but also in order to prevent customers from getting drawings will refuse cooperation for various reasons, in order to cause factory losses. Therefore, it is reasonable to charge a certain design deposit under normal circumstances. 

and the design fee will be returned back when you place order . the factory actually does not charge the design fee. Of course, some customers will worry that after paying the design deposit, the design effect can not meet the requirements, resulting in lossing money. Here, we suggest that customers must find professional jewelry exhibition cabinet manufacturers, only professional manufacturers can improve the most comprehensive services to better meet customer requirements, the last part is to be paid after the effect map is determined. Payment is the business principle of modern commercial society, so it is reasonable to charge for the design of jewelry display cabinets.

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