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Which conditions are necessary for making jewelry showcase?

- Sep 29, 2018 -

As a display cabinet for displaying jewelry, you can imagine that the requirements for jewelry display cabinets are extremely demanding. As a kind of high-end exhibition cabinet, it is not casual exhibition cabinet manufacturers can produce production, but can make such high-end products, can produce production, must have the following requirements, to listen to the famous exhibition cabinet processing factory for everyone to share the content.

Requirements 1: a comprehensive grasp of the production process of jewelry display cabinet, including glass, stainless steel, paint, acrylic, etc., fully understand the LED class light construction technology and the use of methods.

Requirement two: it is necessary to have a factory, in addition to factories and advanced equipment. As the saying goes, it is better to live well than to be nice.

Requirement 3: Clean environment, think about, if the place is dirty, chaotic, and poor, how can we make exquisite jewelry display cabinet out?

Finally, there should be a complete and adequate personnel structure, even if the industry has a low peak season, business sometimes can not be coherent, have to maintain a few people for a long time, which also proves the saying, a thousand soldiers a day.

All right, the above is the creation of the cabinet processing factories to share small editions, people in need can look at and understand, welcome to reprint and share!

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