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The repair method of small scar on mobile phone counter

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1. Remove the watermark on the paint surface

Leaving a wet cup on the paint counter often leaves an annoying watermark, how can you quickly remove them? Mobile phone counter manufacturers suggest that you can put a clean cloth on the watermark on the counter, and then iron on top of the lower temperature ironing, so that the infiltration of the paint film moisture evaporation, so that the watermark disappeared. However, the use of this method, the use of the cloth can not be too thin, the temperature of the iron can not be adjusted too high, otherwise, the watermark on the counter is gone, but the brand is no longer removed.

2. Eliminate hot marks on counter paint

If careless, the surface of the wooden counter will probably leave a hot mark, do not panic, under normal circumstances, as long as the timely use of a rag wipe can be removed, but if the hot marks too deep, mobile phone counter manufacturers suggest you can gently wipe on the above, or put Vaseline oil on top, and then wipe with a soft cloth can eliminate hot marks.

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