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The overall artistic design of the display

- Mar 04, 2018 -

Art and design exhibition called schema design, is the designer to use creative thinking. Their design intent into visual expression, provided show the theme and content of visual expression of the process, but also show the memory dynamic script into the reality of the necessary steps. The form of the graphic design includes the general rest exhibition, the plane layout sketch, the exhibition space design, the display of the air effect color effect diagram, the space illumination design, the layout design sketch, the display elevation design, the display props design diagram and so on. The general layout of the overall design to display art activities, the organization change of display space, the overall color and local color, uniform layout design and local regulation, lighting, decoration and other items of material, shape, the relationship between light and color, have the overall effect on the uniform design in.

Technical design exhibition is to supplement the art design, art design is used to guarantee the effect. It is intent to use the form of a further statement design, rendering drawings, including layout, elevation, lighting, power configuration, route map order props drawing clear size and other special the application of the design. These technical drawings are the necessary guarantee for the overall design effect, and are carried out under the guidance of the general layout of the exhibition activities.

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