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The color of a common jewellery showcase

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Red in jewelry Showcase is usually used for traditional festivals, celebrations, to create an auspicious, joyful atmosphere.

Green will give people a feeling of vitality, green in the showcase in the shopping environment with, take green, symbolizing trees, flowers and plants. Yellow gives people a feeling of kindness and lightness, and it is a longing.

Purple, will give solemn, noble, elegant feelings of mind, a sense of awe, purple jewelry showcase often used in the sale of high-grade, precious goods, such as jewelry, watches, jade and other places.

Color Showcase is a negative color, giving a very heavy, suppressed mind induction, most of the market is not only used alone, but with other colors appropriate collocation, will also produce different visual effects.

The Blue Jewelry Showcase will be reminiscent of the vast expanse of the mainland, the broad sky, giving people an open, magnanimous telepathy.

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