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Regular MOOKOO jewelry showcase display buyer choose us as their shop fittings supplier

- Nov 09, 2018 -

Since 1999, MOOKOO showcase has been transformed into a professional glass jewelry showcase. Many customers of MOOKOO showcase order counter have changed from the first production to the old customers. These old customers recognize the price, service and quality of MOOKOO display, because MOOKOO display products, let them rest assured purchase!

Focus on R & D of glass jewelry display cabinet.

UV board surface baking varnish mirror glass, aluminum alloy section splicing and assembling, ultra clean and ultra white toughened glass cover. Mirror glass is easy to be fireproof and clean. Aluminum alloy profiles are treated by wire drawing, oxidation and electrophoresis to prevent rust and fingerprint. Tempered glass is highly transparent and safe. As a result, more and more customers at glass display counters are buying glass jewelry display cabinets at MOOKOO.

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