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Problems encountered in customizing jewelry display cabinets

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Problems encountered in customizing jewelry display cabinets

Nowadays people like to choose customized jewelry display counters, which is to achieve the desired style, style, effect, etc. Through the size and decoration of the venue on the size of the jewelry display counters, as well as style and color, to find jewelry display counters manufacturers customized.

Customization of jewelry display cabinets requires communication and docking with customers to determine the details of all aspects of jewelry display cabinets. But sometimes in the process of making jewellery display cabinets, there may be some problems that can not be customized. Now let's talk about the most common problems and solutions in the customization of jewellery display cabinets.

Customized price issues

MOOKOO's glass jewelry display cabinet is clearly priced, but some customers change their styles, sizes and accessories when they customize it. At this time, because of the modification of the production plan, all of them will change in price. Therefore, before making it, the details of each part should be determined. Otherwise, there will be price disputes. Xiaobian's proposal is to clarify the price changes in the contract, and if necessary, the contract requirements can be added.

Appearance modeling offset

Customization of glass jewellery display cabinet, some customers in customization, it is easy to appear in the original size modification, especially in the appearance structure, sometimes there are some slight deviations. In order to avoid excessive modification and increase the delivery time, it is necessary for jewellery display cabinet manufacturers to specify requirements on details without deviation, such as The fruit is acceptable, so long as it does not affect the quality and use, it is no problem.

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