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MOOKOO Glass Jewelry Showcase you are trust worthy

- Nov 22, 2018 -

MOOKOO Glass Jewelry Showcase - Rest assured

Rest assured of the glass jewelry display cabinet-MOOKOO

What makes users of jewelry cabinets all over the country confident about MOOKOO glass jewelry display cabinets? This can search "MOOKOO Jewelry Show Cabinet Factory" on the Internet; see the real user cases that have used MOOKOO glass jewelry display cabinet, and evaluate MOOKOO; give your questions to the sales customer service that serves you intimately, they will let every customer who comes to MOOKOO custom glass jewelry display cabinet feel at ease.


Twenty Years of Professional Production-Glass Jewelry Show Cabinet Selling Hot All over the Country

MOOKOO glass jewelry display cabinet is popular all over the country. It is made of aluminium alloy profiles + UV plate + mirror glass + super white and ultra-clear toughened glass. It is a patent display cabinet developed and designed by MOOKOO designer. Aluminum alloy profiles are treated by wire drawing, oxidation, electrophoresis, anti-oxidation, rust, scratch and fingerprint. Fading; Antioxidant and non-fading of mirror glass; 10mm ultra-white and ultra-clear tempered glass is safe to break. Therefore, many users in the country and overseas choose MOOKOO showcase manufacturers.

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