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Know what jewelry display counters can be customized at the factory.

- Nov 09, 2018 -

Jewelry display counters are popular and customized nowadays. When new stores open or stores change and decorate, they are usually replaced with display counters. There are many kinds of jewelry display counters, but not every kind of display counters can be customized by manufacturers, and according to the strength of jewelry display counters manufacturers, the types of jewelry display counters may be different. Now we will summarize what can be customized according to the current market situation of jewelry display counters. And which customization is limited.

Types of jewelry cabinet that can be customized flexibly

In the exhibition cabinet manufacturing industry, the development of customization of jewelry display cabinets is very mature. Most of the jewelry display cabinets can be customized, and customization is flexible and optional. The styles, colors and sizes can be selected. And jewelry display counter material selection is diversified, but most of the base material is synthetic board, more plasticity than other materials, and its own style development is more diverse, the established manufacturers mature experience, customized more flexible and efficient.

Semi custom display counters

There are also some jewelry display counters, because of material limitations, only a small part of the customized requirements, such as steel jewelry cabinets, he can produce functional structure you can think of, but due to the limitation of material plasticity, there is no alternative in deformation, so most of them can only be imported from the style provided by the manufacturer. Line selection.

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