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Jewelry Display cabinet function

- Dec 21, 2017 -

The main purpose of our jewellery showcase is to better showcase our jewellery while at the same time enabling our customers to better understand and enjoy our sales goals. Of course, some of the jewelry showcase in the showroom is not for sale, more to show and gain people's understanding, love and recognition of jewellery. Therefore, the main function of the jewellery showcase is to convey the message, but what is the purpose of conveying the information, in some design shows that the purpose of the display of the following seven elements:

(1) Sales: the promotion of an abstract concept or material goods, and to allow customers to watch, contact the exhibits to attract them to strengthen the purchase intention.

(2) Persuasion: Persuade the visitor to accept the content or idea conveyed by the jewellery display cabinet.

(3) Revealing: exposing precious, distinguished, new or secret jewellery.

(4) Display: The jewelry display cabinet will unfold the exhibits to the audience to see.

(5) Inform: Describe the new concept, new process or new design results of the exhibits.

(6) Entertainment: An interesting display of the way or device, causing the audience entertainment effect.

(7) Inspiration: Through the jewelry display cabinet knowledge or information content, to give the audience inspiration or inspiration.

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