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Is the MOOKOO display glass and jewelry display cabinets expensive, how we calculate the price

- Nov 08, 2018 -

Custom glass jewelry display counters, or to find professional manufacturers-MOOKOO display: 20 years of experience in cabinet design and production, in 2015 began to transform professional and only make glass jewelry display counters. Users who have ordered jewelry counters at the Hon Titanium display will again select MOOKOO displays if needed. They will select word of mouth for MOOKOO displays. Approved MOOKOO glass jewelry display cabinet price, quality and service.


What is the price of the MOOKOO glass jewelry display cabinet?

The price of the display counter is usually calculated in meters or squares, such as 690 USD/meter or 790 USD/m<UNK>, while the price of the glass jewelry counter displayed by MOOKOO is calculated in terms of the number of pieces, and the price ranges from a few hundred dollars to about two thousand dollars. For example, the F model -01 anchor counter is 1200 * 600 * 950mm in size. The color is mirror glass. The glass countertop is wrapped in aluminum alloy. His price is 788 US dollars. If his color is imitation marble glass, The price is 888 US dollars. So MOOKOO's price is: different sizes, different styles, different colors-the price is also different.


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