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How About The Price of Environmentally Jewelry Display Stands Cabinet

- Nov 10, 2018 -

Environmental protection is what people are all looking for now. Wear the environment. Also use environmental protection! Therefore, the environmental protection display counter has also been paid attention by users; in many cities, spray paint exhibition counter manufacturers, this kind of non-environmental protection display counter display shelf is no longer able to produce and sell. The environmental protection department has formulated a very strict environmental protection review. If the display counter wants to be environmentally friendly, it needs to upgrade the production process. 

Will this affect the price of the display cabinet?

In fact, the change of the display counter is mainly in the process of production, and the change of its price is more determined by the material and manual work, while the display counter should be produced according to environmental protection standards, but only in the original production process to improve, perhaps because the change of production process will involve the change of materials. But overall, the price of display counters will not be increased because of more environmental protection. There may be some display cabinet manufacturers will raise the price slightly, but this is also a cost conversion for some basic materials, not a real price increase for environmental protection.

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