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display showcase manufacture commence

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Nowadays, with the promotion of the social times, the display showcase is closely related to people's life, affecting the quality of life and the health of the body. Therefore, before we choose the showcase products, we'd better know the knowledge and related problems of the display cabinets in advance. If necessary, we'd better to learn some tips for identifying and identifying all kinds of showcase products. The lower part of the Hubei showcase below is introduced to you.
1. Whether the material of the shop display cabinet is reasonable
The materials used in the products made by different cabinet companies are different. Such as tables, chairs, cabinet legs, with a hard Zamu asked, relatively strong, capable of bearing load, and the internal materials of other materials are available; wardrobe feet required thickness 25MM, thick it is bulky, thin cabinets can not be so easy to deformation of kitchen and toilet with a fiber board, but should use the three plywood and because the fiber board will expand, damaged water table should be washable.
2. Whether the structure of the exhibition cabinet is firm
Small showcase, such as chairs, stools, racks in the cement floor mop in the selection, fall gently, crisp sound, explain quality is better, if the sound hoarse, splitting the Ba Ba noise, that is not combined with tight mortise structure is not strong. The desk and table can be swayed with hands to see the instability.
3. The moisture content of wood is not over 12%
The water content of the showcase must not exceed 12%, the water content is high, and the wood is easy to bend and deform. The general consumers to buy, no test instrument, can adopt touch method, with his hand to the bottom surface of the furniture or unpainted place, if you feel dry, the moisture content that at least more than 12%, can not be used.

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