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About the design deposit from customer to make shop 3D design

- Nov 02, 2018 -

As for the design fee for a new shop, MOOKOO Furniture will generally evaluate the appropriate design fee according to the size of the store and the complexity of the process structure. The design fee is prepaid. If we pay the design fee in our name, no matter how many times we modify it in the middle of the way, it will satisfy our customers and the shopping mall will approve it, but the final design fee will be deducted from the counter production fee, so there is  design fee.


So, for the design fee, many customers are unwilling to pay for it. They think I'm making cabinets here. You certainly design them free of charge. But from the perspective of the overall design industry, this is a misunderstanding. There is no free design in the world. It is immeasurable to design a store and how much time it will take and how much it costs. If you design it free of charge, do you want to make a counter in our factory? Not necessarily, so this is not true. Only the old and new customers need to pay the design fee in advance, so we can talk about the following plan and counter production.

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