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Stainless Steel Clothing Racks

Production Overview 【 Product No 】 : CL-13 Stainless Steel Clothing Racks 【 Size 】: 1500m*300mm*400mm 【 Lead Time 】: 15-25 Working Days 【 Service 】: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation 【 Warranty 】: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance 【 Free Item 】: 3D rendering Shop interior design 【...

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Product Details

Production Overview
Product No: CL-13 Stainless Steel Clothing Racks
Size】: 1500m*300mm*400mm
Lead Time】: 15-25 Working Days
Service】: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation
Warranty】: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance 
Free Item】: 3D rendering Shop interior design
Port】: Guangzhou China
Materials】: Mdf, Led Light Stainless steel and so on
Packaging】: International export package.

Production description:
The stainless steel clothes racks is the same as ZARA HM clothes racks. The ultimate aim of any artistic flow is creation. Creation is the main feature of the new century. The creativity of display furniture design is mainly reflected in the originality of artistic image. This factor is an important aspect of the production of display cabinet to attract customers' eyeballs, which cannot be ignored. This unique image gives a shock to a person, a stimulus to a person, the purpose is to recite, to exert the most effective market, to achieve the most effective image transmission. This creation involves the orientation of form, the imagination of space, the choice of materials, the singularity of construction, the novelty of the way. The design should have a prominent style and taste, in which regional and ethnic cultural traditions should be displayed. It reflects the root characteristic of the development of history. Guangzhou MOOKOO Furniture Co., Ltd have good reputation, experience, welcome to call!

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