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Garment Display Design

Production Overview 【 Product No 】 : CL-05 Garment Display Design 【 Size 】 : 9M*10M 【 Lead Time 】 : 15-25 Working Days 【 Service 】 : Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation 【 Warranty 】 : 3 years+ whole life technic guidance 【 Free Item 】 : 3D rendering Shop interior design 【 Port 】 :...

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Product Details

Production Overview
Product No: CL-05  Garment Display Design
Size: 9M*10M
Lead Time: 15-25 Working Days
Service: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation
Warranty: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance
Free Item: 3D rendering Shop interior design
Port: Guangzhou China
Materials: Mdf, Led Light Stainless steel and so on
Packaging: International export package.

Production description:
We are a supplier of shop furniture for the whole world from China. About the garment display racks use cool color to move, go completely black elegant style, give a person a kind of mysterious feeling, and the door of the black head and interior design, to build a "strong" visual sense, black light, picture frames, water table, shelves, highlighted the clothing color and texture. The store the design with concise, natural, details as the theme, the core is the focus to the brand's products, but also out of indoor and its own unique characteristics, the shop is senior black to highlight the theme, give a person a kind of "I am very man" visual feeling, window poster dot eyeball effect, highlight the characteristics of the clothing that cool color moves. The design of entering the shop USES a terrace, let a person have a feeling of feeling at home, guide the customer into their carefully decorated interior space. The glass display platform of the column is not only the function that gives a solid space, also let the model of inside be full of fashionable feeling, decorate the whole space, the present suddenly bright. Smallpox and metope adopt gray tone, and black floor complement each other, appear extra senior; Change from region to region to create a dynamic and flexible space. The middle area of smallpox chose gorgeous totem decoration, make the space of black no longer dull, let the pure and fresh quietly elegant gentleman always collect inside with a warm and fashionable breath, as revealed his bones of romantic feelings. MOOKOO will be your best supplier of shop furniture and master of clothes display showcase and racks.

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