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Clothing Shop Display Furniture

Production Overview 【 Product No 】: CL-01 Clothing Shop Display Furniture 【 Size 】: 8M*10M 【 Lead Time 】: 15-25 Working Days 【 Service 】: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation 【 Warranty 】: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance 【 Free Item 】: 3D rendering Shop interior design 【 Port 】: m...

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Product Details

Production Overview
Product No】: CL-01 Clothing Shop Display Furniture
Size】: 8M*10M
Lead Time】: 15-25 Working Days
Service】: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation
Warranty】: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance  
Free Item】: 3D rendering Shop interior design
Port】: mGuangzhou China
Materials】: Mdf, Led Light Stainless steel and so on
Packaging】: International export package.

Production description
Project name: E-land chain store interior design
Project address: United States
Design theme: simple and not simple
Customer demand: the brand spirit of e-land is reflected in the simplicity.
Design description: use warm color to move, through the soft, elegant color is tie-in, emphasized a kind of elegant charm, ceiling and floor is given priority to with primary colors, in-store display props to use log is decorated, with great natural effect and fashion brand style.
Light blue marble door head design, give a person a kind of the fan, the facade used a large area of glass design, let the distant crowd can be clear at a glance to see the entire store environment and products, and enhance the sense of space light touch and fully, make the broad field of vision. The corner of the corner has been turned into a large glass window, and the people passing by can feel the e-land products directly, and the design of the window can make customers feel the e-land's brand concept. The whole space is dominated by the material of log, the perfect combination of original wood color and fittings more reflect the taste of dress, contracted and not simple. Every place shows elaborate detail, dazzling costumes add luster, each presentation is a time to witness miracles. The creative clothes display stand area is used to present e-land's brand concept and promote a comfortable living condition.
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