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Clothing Racks and Shelves

Production Overview 【 Product No 】 : CL-15 Clothing Racks And Shelves 【 Size 】: 100m*500m*1200 【 Lead Time 】: 15-25 Working Days 【 Service 】: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation 【 Warranty 】: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance 【 Free Item 】: 3D rendering Shop interior design 【 Port...

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Product Details

Production Overview
Product No: CL-15 Clothing Racks And Shelves
Size】: 100m*500m*1200
Lead Time】: 15-25 Working Days
Service】: Free Custom Design +Manufacture+ Installation
Warranty】: 3 years+ whole life technic guidance
Free Item】: 3D rendering Shop interior design
Port】: Guangzhou China
Materials】: Mdf, Led Light Stainless steel and so on
Packaging】: International export package.


Production description:
Use pale yellow and white make the clothing racks and shelf and the whole garment store looks more comfortable. General shop furniture manufacturer decorates commonly used fine woodwork board the center is the core that sticks together with natural wood, two sides adhere very thin wooden skin, as the name of big core board, it is one of the most important material in decorating. When choosing, look at its internal wood, should not be broken, the gap between the wood between the fine woodworking board of about 3mm is appropriate. Because of the appearance of the wood grain is not beautiful, seldom brushed lacquer, usually should stick the veneer three plywood. The wood that use big core board to make furniture and other woodwork should pass with adhesive board and brush lacquer two process, cost is higher. The big core board is divided into 3, 5, 9 mm according to the thickness, you can choose according to the pressure and strength, the higher the price.
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